Need help assessing your HIPAA compliance needs when it comes to live chat?

Request a call with one of our HIPAA specialists to learn more about why compliance matters and how to protect your business and clients.

SnapEngage is proud to support our clients' compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We have taken steps to ensure that our live chat technology complies with the guidelines around encoding, privacy, security, integrity and availability of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Wondering if HIPAA compliance applies to your business? Want to learn more about what it means to be compliant and how to make sure your business is covered? Schedule a call to speak with one of our HIPAA compliance specialists.

We'll conduct a personalized assessment for your needs, including:

  • Business Associates Agreement (BAA) - legalese and process.
  • Security requirements and protocols for data handling.
  • Live chat feature assessment.
  • ... and much more!